To achieve long-term ecological stability, sustainable development and economic security through conservation and scientific management of forest ecosystems.



To generate, advance and disseminate scientific knowledge and technologies for ecological security, improved productivity, livelihoods enhancement and sustainable use of forest resources  through forestry research and education.



i.      To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate forestry research, education and extension leading to scientific and  sustainable management of forest resources in the country.

ii.      To align forestry research programs in the council with national priorities including achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and combating climate change.

iii.      To provide scientific advice and policy support to the central and state governments aiding informed decision making in forestry matters of national importance and international commitments.

iv.      To act as a repository of scientific knowledge related to forestry, environment and climate change, and disseminate such knowledge to various stakeholders.

v.       To provide technical assistance and support to states, forest- based industries, tree growers, farmers and others for forest protection,  afforestation, agro- forestry and allied activities.

vi.       To develop appropriate forest based technologies, processes and products for sustainable resource use, livelihoods and economic growth.

vii.       To provide livelihood support to forest dependent communities through transfer of scientific knowledge and appropriate forest-based technologies

viii.      To develop technically qualified human resource for forestry sector

ix.        To promote forestry education in the country and facilitate universities in improving quality through technical and financial support  including development of uniform curricula

x.        To provide consultancy and capacity building services in environment and forest sector.

xi.        To develop and maintain National Forest Library and Information Centre for forestry and allied sciences.

xii.       To develop environment and forest extension programmes and promote the same through mass media and audio-visual aids.

xiii.      To support and advice Government on technical aspects of international conventions and treaties.

xiv.      To conduct other activities incidental and conducive to attainment of abovementioned objectives, which the council may consider necessary.