Date Theme/Subject Activity Performed Institute
19.03.2021 Forest productivity and conservation Virtual technical talk FRI, Dehradun
19.03.2021 Wealth out of waste Onsite tribal tainting IFGTB, Coimbatore
26.03.2021 Value chain in Agroforestry Training TFRI, Jabalpur
09.04.2021 Combating desertification and eco-restoration of degraded ecosystems One week programme AFRI, Jodhpur
15.04.2021 Timber cooling towers: Research, constraints and opportunities Webinar FRI, Dehradun
16.04.2021 Sandalwood propagation and cultivation Online exclusive question and answer session IWST, Bengaluru
22.04.2021 Seven decades of independence – Indian forestry at new crossroads Webinar IFP, Ranchi
30.04.2021 Conservation and sustainable use of Bamboo in north-eastern region Online seminar RFRI, Johrat
07.05.2021 Conservation of cold desert area and climate change Webinar HFRI, Shimla
18.05.2021 Improvement of Clonal Forestry in India Online seminar IFP, Ranchi
21.05.2021 Non-destructive harvesting of NTFPs Webinar TFRI, Jabalpur
22.05.2021 International Biodiversity Day-2021 (Biodiversity and it’s conservation) Webinar FRI, Dehradun
25.05.2021 135th birth anniversary of Shri Rash Behari Bose - A revolutionary leader of Indian freedom struggle Virtual talk FRI, Dehradun
07.06.2021 Fungi of Neutraceutical Importance from Indian Forests Virtual technical talk IFP, Ranchi
11.06.2021 Wood composites Online seminar IWST, Bengaluru
11.06.2021 Popularisation of eucalyptus clones of IFGTB Webinar IFGTB, Coimbatore
15.06.2021 Carbon Storage and Sequestration Potentiality of Natural Forest in Jharkhand State Online seminar IFP, Ranchi
02.07.2021 Conservation & value addition of fruits of forest origin Webinar FRC-ER, Prayagraj
05.07.2021-11.07.2021 Importance of conservation of the pollinators in different ecosystems Poster Competition for College students IWST, Bengaluru
12.07.2021-13.07.2021 Ecosystem Restoration in context to the cold desert ecosystem of Ladakh Interactive Session with Local School Students HFRI, Shimla
15.07.2021 स्वतंत्रता प्राप्ति पश्चात वन वर्धन हेतु वैज्ञानिक तकनीकी का विकास। वैज्ञानिक संगोष्ठी IFP, Ranchi
16.07.2021 Development of Moringa leaves based product (Farmers/NGO) Workshop FRC-ER, Prayagraj
16.07.2021 हर मेंड पर पेड़ मुहिम Plantation work HFRI, Shimla
19.07.2021-25.07.2021 Forests in arid and semi-arid region and innovative approaches for their management Essay Competition for AFRI Research Scholars / Project Fellows AFRI, Jodhpur
27.07.2021 Insect Pest and Disease management in the cold desert Webinar HFRI, Shimla
02.08.2021-08.08.2021 Biodiversity and climate change Webinar TFRI, Jabalpur
12.08.2021 स्वतंत्रता प्राप्ति पश्चात वनोत्पाद द्वारा ग्रामीण जीविकोपार्जन में वानिकी की भूमिका विषय पर वैज्ञानिक संगोष्ठी का आयोजन। वैज्ञानिक संगोष्ठी IFP, Ranchi
14.08.2021 Windbreak Clones based Agro forestry systems Training Programme IFGTB, Coimbatore
17.08.2021-19.08.2021 Bamboo Shoot Processing and Value Addition Skill Development Programme RFRI, Jorhat
18.08.2021 Sensitization of the importance of Constitution of India Workshop IFGTB, Coimbatore
19.08.2021 Green Innovative Technologies for students Workshop FRC-ER, Prayagraj
27.08.2021 Environment awareness programme for village folk Awareness Programme HFRI, Shimla
02.08.2021- 08.08.2021 Value addition of NTFP’s - from sustainable livelihood generation for rural India to vocal for local Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
03.09.2021 Ayush Aapke Dwar Skill development training IFP, Ranchi
03.09.2021 Ayush Aapke Dwar Skill development training IFGTB, Coimbatore
06.09.2021-12.09.2021 Increase of Forest Productivity through tree Improvement Webinar TFRI, Jabalpur
16.09.2021 Income Enhancement from Agroforestry Webinar FRI, Dehradun
17.09.2021 HighYielding Tree Varieties for Agroforestry systems Tree Grower Mela IFGTB, Coimbatore
18.09.2021 International Costal Cleanup Day Awareness programme FRC-CE, Visakhapatnam
20.09.2021-24.09.2021 Scientific Achievements & Technological Advancement in India Webinar IFB, Hyderabad
29.09.2021 जैविक खाद उत्पादन एवं प्रदर्शन प्रशिक्षण IFP, Ranchi
02.10.2021-08.10.2021 Swachh Bharat Campaign Swachh Bharat Campaign IFB, Hyderabad
06.10.2021 Forest Genetic Resources and their importance Webinar IFGTB, Coimbatore
07.10.2021 “Importance of Wildlife” and Wildlife Week 2021 celebrations Online Elocution Competition IFGTB, Coimbatore
08.10.2021 “Forestry for Livelihood” Training FRC-ER, Prayagraj
08.10.2021 “Forest Entomology” Seminar FRI, Dehradun
11.10.2021 Sandalwood Farming and Management of its Health Online Training IWST, Bengaluru
13.10.2021 पर्यावरण संरक्षण पर जागरूकता कार्यक्रम Awareness Programme HFRI, Shimla
14.10.2021 Honourable Minister Shri Meghwal Visit Visit AFRI, Jodhpur
16.10.2021 बांस संवर्धन तथा प्रबंधन तकनीक Seminar FRI, Dehradun
18.10.2021 Training on Mushroom for beneficiaries of Meghalaya Skill Development Training RFRI, Jorhat
21.10.2021 Carbon sequestration and rajasthan forest Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
23.10.2021 Medicinal and Edible Mushroom Cultivation Training FRI, Dehradun
25.10.2021 Basics of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Online Lecture IFGTB, Coimbatore
27.10.2021 लाह उत्पादन एवं उपयोग Training IFP, Ranchi
29.10.2021 Natural Fibres Webinar FRI, Dehradun
30.10.2021 Wood Protection Method Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
30.10.2021-05.11.2021 Photography Competition Competition IFB, Hyderabad
10.11.2021 Potential of Sandalwood Lecture HFRI, Shimla
12.11.2021 Bamboo Nursery seminar seminar IFP, Ranchi
12.11.2021 Timber identification and its imp Lecture IWST, Bengaluru
17.11.2021 Plant tissue culture Sensitization program IWST, Bengaluru
18.11.2021 Lac based Agro-forestry Plantation Models Training FRC-ER, Prayagraj
18.11.2021 Agroforestry Discussion HFRI, Shimla
18.11.2021 लघु वनोत्पाद का महत्व Seminar IFP, Ranchi
25.11.2021 Post independence growth of Indian Paper Industry Quiz Competition FRI, Dehradun
26.11.2021 Constitution Day Seminar IFP, Ranchi
26.11.2021 Potential and prospects of value addition in wild edibles Webinar FRI, Dehradun
26.11.2021 cultivation and management of bamboo TRAINING IWST, Bengaluru
27.11.2021-03.12.2021 India Freedom Struggle Essay Competition IFB, Hyderabad
01.12.2021 Tree Growers Mela Mela FRC-ER, Prayagraj
03.12.21 Medicinal Plant cultivation and value addition Training IFP, Ranchi
04-10.12.2021 India Freedom Fighter Painting Competition IFB, Hyderabad
4-5.12.2021 Advances in Chemistry and Biology of Carbohydrates International Conference FRI, Dehradun
05.12.2021 Halt soil salinization, Boost soil productivity & World Soil Day Online quiz IFGTB, Coimbatore
09.12.2021 Awareness for Availability of Medicinal Vegetation Seminar IFP, Ranchi
10.12.2021 Sandalwood Based Agroforestry Models Lecture IWST, Bengaluru
11-17.12.2021 India Freedom Struggle Quiz Competition IFB, Hyderabad
15-16.12.2021 Carbon sequestration & increasing green cover Training TFRI, Jabalpur
15.12.2021 आजीविका सृजन में वनोत्पाद/लाह की भूमिका Seminar IFP, Ranchi
16.12.2021 NTFP Value Addition & marketing Conference TFRI, Jabalpur
18-24.12.2021 Fit India Freedom Run Fit India Freedom Run IFB, Hyderabad
21.12.2021 Propagation of forestry species Online Training TFRI, Jabalpur
24.12.2021 Sandalwood Oil: Uses, Adulteration and Detection Techniques Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
26.12.2021 Ayush Aapke Dwar Medicinal Plant Distribution IFP, Ranchi
27.12.2021 Sandalwood cultivation & Management of diseases Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
27.12.2021 Good Governance Day Good Governance Week IFGTB, Coimbatore
02.01.2022 Biodiversity Short film competition IFB, Hyderabad
04.01.2022 Electric Resistance Tomograph: A Technology in deciphering the interiors of standing trees Lecture/Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
07.01.2022 Benefits of Agroforestry Online Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
10.01.2022 World Hindi Day व्याख्यान, कार्यशाला एवं कविता पाठ IFP, Ranchi
10.01.2022 विश्व हिन्दी दिवस कार्यालयीन हिन्दी पत्राचार RFRI, Jorhat
12.01.2022 वन-वर्धन में समुदाय की भूमिका संगोष्ठी IFP, Ranchi
12.01.2022 Kechua Bed Distribution Distribution Programme IFP, Ranchi
12.01.2022 वनोत्पाद आधारित लघु उद्योग Seminar IFP, Ranchi
17.01.2022 बाँस पौधारोपण और जागरूकता कार्यक्रम Plantation HFRI, Shimla
17-21.01.2022 Nursery Development & Vegetative Propagation Training Programme TFRI, Jabalpur
18 to 21-01-22 Hi-Tech Nurseries for Officials of Forest Department, Government of Sri Lanka Virtual Training Program FRI, Dehradun
21.01.2022 Sustainability, Certification and Legality in Wood Product Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
26.01.2022 Awarding ceremony for felicitation of farmers Prize distribution FRI, Dehradun
26.01.2022 73rd Republic Day Celebration ध्वजारोहण IFP, Ranchi
27.01.2022 Forestry and Environment awareness camp 15 day Camp FRC-ER, Prayagraj
27.01.2022 Bird Watching Programme Bird watching Program IFB, Hyderabad
28.01.2022 Gas Chromatography and Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Virtual work FRI, Dehradun
28.01.2022 “Resource Management and Value Addition of NTFPs” Webinar FRI, Dehradun
28.01.2022 Kechua Distribution Distribution Programme IFP, Ranchi
28.01.2022 National Youth Day Quiz Competition IFB, Hyderabad
29.01.2022 Developing and Popularizing Digital interactive platform for Tree Growers and Other Stakeholders of Tamil Nadu Tree Genie app developed IFGTB, Coimbatore
01.02.2022 Field Disease Identification Lecture IFB, Hyderabad
02.02.2022 Opportunity in Forestry Sector Seminar FRC-ER, Prayagraj
02.02.2022 Wetland Action Plan for People and Nature Awareness Campaign IFGTB, Coimbatore
03.02.2022 Soil Health Research and Development Webinar
04.02.2022 जल श्रोत प्रबंधन में समुदाय की भूमिका Training IFP, Ranchi
04.02.2022 Wood and Bamboo polymer Composite Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
04.02.2022 Role of Forests in Sustainable Development of People Workshop RFRI, Jorhat
04.02.2022 World Wetland Day Lecture
07.02.2022 आँवला तथा गम्हार आधारित कृषिवानिकी Training FRC-ER, Prayagraj
07.02.2022 Awareness on Bio-Fertilizer Training IWST, Bengaluru
09.02.2022 “Identification of Tree Species of FRI Campus” Awareness Programme FRI, Dehradun
10.02.2022 Gene-Mining from Trees using Gene Co-expression Networks and Comparative Genomics for Abiotic Stress Tolerance Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
11.02.2022 “Problems and its solution strategies for wooden handicraft sector in India” Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
14.02.2022 औषधीय और सुगंधित पौधों के संरक्षण, खेती, कटाई और विपनण में किसानों की भूमिका Training IFP, Ranchi
14.02.2022 बांस उत्पादक एवं उद्यमी सम्मेलन Seminar IFP, Ranchi
15.02.2022 Bamboo Propagation, Management and Marketing in Uttar Pradesh Training FRC-ER, Prayagraj
15.02.2022 Bio-fertilizers and Bio-control Agents – Success, Challenges and Future Regional Research Conference IFGTB, Coimbatore
16.02.2022 शंकुधारी वृक्षों में कीट एवं रोगों के प्रबंधन के लिए पर्यावरण हितैषी तरीके Lecture HFRI, Shimla
17.02.2022 Proceedings of Magh Mela Tree Growers Mela FRC-ER, Prayagraj
17.02.2022 “वानिकी हस्तक्षेप द्वारा सतत विकास और आजीविकापार्जन एक विकल्प” Training Programme HFRI, Shimla
18.02.2022 Advances in Forest Hydrology: Challenges and Opportunities Seminar FRI, Dehradun
18.02.2022 फ्लेमेंजिया सेमियालता पर लाह की खेती Training IFP, Ranchi
22.02.2022 Modern research and developments in plant chemistry Researchers students interaction FRI, Dehradun
22.02.2022 लाह खेती को बढ़ावा हेतु परिचर्चा Discussion IFP, Ranchi
23.02.2022 Vaniki aur Rajbhasha Quiz competition FRI, Dehradun
24.02.2022 Hindi Kavya Samelan Seminar FRI, Dehradun
24.02.2022 बांस हस्तशिल्पकला : स्वरोजगार हेतु बांस उत्पादन एवं मूल्यवर्धन Training IFP, Ranchi
25.02.2022 World Wetlands Day Lecture IFB, Hyderabad
28.02.2022 Prof. R. Misra Memorial Lecture Series Lecture FRC-ER, Prayagraj
28.02.2022 HPLC & GC-MS/MS: Instrumentation, Operation and Applications Training IFGTB, Coimbatore
3.03.2022 Standards for certification of forestry seeds Webinar FRI, Dehradun
04.03.2022 लाह की खेती द्वारा आजीविका सृजन Training IFP, Ranchi
07.03.2022 Chemical constituents of Medicinal Mushrooms Lecture FRI, Dehradun
08.03.2022 Gender Equality today for a Sustainable Tomorrow Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
08.03.2022 लिंग भेद-भाव के विरुद्ध महिला सशक्तिकरण समारोह Awareness Programme IFP, Ranchi
11.03.2022 Bamboo based incense sticks industry Training FRC-ER, Prayagraj
11.03.2022 Plagiarism, Copyright, IPR issues and Bioethics Lecture FRI, Dehradun
11.03.2022 Jal hi Jivan Declamation/Painting competition HFRI, Shimla
17.03.2022 Kisan Mela Tree Growers Mela TFRI, Jabalpur
21.03.2022 World Forestry Day Lecture AFRI, Jodhpur
21.03.2022 World Forestry Day-2022 Exhibition FRI, Dehradun
21.03.2022 Forests and sustainable production and consumption Lecture IFB, Hyderabad
21.03.2022 Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption Photography competition IFGTB, Coimbatore
21.03.2022 Forests and Sustainable Production and Consumption Training, Quiz, Rangoli competition TFRI, Jabalpur
22.03.2022 Augmenting Teak Timber in India: A Way forward Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
25.03.2022 Sandalwood farming and management of its health Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
25.03.2022 A Report on Forest Soil Management Lecture IFB, Hyderabad
25.03.2022 Tree Grower Mela Tree Grower Mela RFRI, Jorhat
28.03.2022 Need an act to revive agro-wood based sector in India Webinar IWST, Bengaluru
28.03.2022 A Report on Insulin plant as intercropping in agroforestry- A success story Lecture IFB, Hyderabad
02.04.2022 World Health Day Lecture IFB
04.04.2022 Visit of Trainee of Forest Range officers from Karnatka Forest Academy Training RFRI
13.04.2022 Role of Beneficial Insects in Environment Interactive Talk FRI
21.04.2022 हिमालयी क्षेत्रों में औषधीय पौधों की विविधता और संरक्षण Awareness Programme
21.04.2022 Civil Service Day Lecture IFB
21.04.2022 Training on Agarwood cultivation and Artificial Innoculation Training RFRI
22.04.2022 Earth Day Celebration - Invest in our planet Awareness Programme AFRI
22.04.2022 Invest in our Planet Debate Competition FRCER
22.04.2022 Earth Day Celebration Declamation Competition FRI
22.04.2022 Invest in Our Planet Awareness Campaign IFGTB
22.04.2022 Women empowerment through capacity building on development of “Tree Rich Biobooster (TRB)" Training IFGTB
22.04.2022 पर्यावरण संरक्षण में समुदाय की भूमिका Lecture IFP
22.04.2022 World Earth Day Lecture IWST
22.04.2022 Earth Day Celebration Plantation Programme RFRI
22.04.2022 Earth Day celebration Quiz & Painting Competition TFRI
23.04.2022 Visit of Trainee of Forest Range officers from Karnatka Forest Academy Training RFRI
25.04.2022 Bamboo and Agarwood Cultivation Training RFRI
27.04.2022 Agriculture inputs and organic farming Training IFGTB
28.04.2022 हिन्दी अनुवाद एवं टंकण कार्यशाला Workshop AFRI
29.04.2022 आजीविका सृजन हेतु जैविक खाद निर्माण पर संगोष्ठी/प्रशिक्षण Seminar IFP
22.04.2022 Application of Natural Aroma Chemicals in Wellbeing Webinar FRI
02.05.2022 Handmade Paper Manufacturing From Lignocellulosic Biomass Training FRI
04.05.2022 Training on Bamboo Shoot Processing & Value Addition Training RFRI
11.05.2022 Importance of Pollinators in Forest Ecosystem Awareness Program HFRI
12.05.2022 Identification, Analysis & Adulterants of Sandalwood & its Oil Webinar IWST
20.05.2022 Celebration of National Endangered Species Day Webinar IFB
20.05.2022 Training on Bamboo and Briquetting Training RFRI
22.05.2022 Building a Shared Future for All Life Lecture AFRI
22.05.2022 Building a Shared Future for All Life Webinar FRC-ER
22.05.2022 International Day for Biological Diversity Lecture FRI
22.05.2022 Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity 2022 Lecture HFRI
22.05.2022 Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity Essay Writing Competition IFB
22.05.2022 International Day for Biological Diversity Awareness Program IFGTB
22.05.2022 International Day For Biological Diversity Webinar IWST
22.05.2022 Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity Plantation Programme RFRI
23.05.2022 fo”o laxzgky; fnol Lecture FRI
20.05.2022 जीविकोपार्जन हेतु कीट जनित उत्पादों का महत्व विषय पर प्रशिक्षण Training
22.05.2022 International Day for Biological Diversity Awareness Program TFRI
07.06.2022 Essential Oils, Perfumery & Aromatherapy Training FRI
14.06.2022 Forestry Research Prioritisation with Special Emphasis on Agroforestry Workshop IFGTB
15.06.2022 कृषि वानिकी का महत्व एवं उपयुक्त प्रजातियां Seminar IFP
17.06.2022 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Seminar FRCER
17.06.2022 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Webinar FRI
23.06.20222 Application of IT Tools in Forestry Webinar IWST
23.06.20222 लाह की खेती Training IFP
29.06.20222 Fodder species for different agro-climatic zones of Karnataka Webinar IWST
21.06.2022 International Yoga Day 2022 Awareness Programme IFB
30.06.2022 बांस उत्पादन एवं उपयोग Training IFP
04.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Plantation Programme RFRI
05.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Plantation Programme IFGTB
07.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Tree plantation FRCER
07.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Plantation Programme IFB
07.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Awareness Programme & Tree Plantation IFP
08.07.2022 Sandalwood Plantation And Management Webinar IWST
11.07.2022 Lac cultivation Training TFRI
13.07.2022 पहाड़ी बांस: आजीविका का एक साधन Awareness Programme HFRI
14.07.2022 World Zoonoses Day Talk IFB
15.07.2022 World Population Day Slogan writing competition IFB
15.07.2022 Van Mahotsav Plantation Programme TFRI
19.07.2022 Nature Walk Awareness Programme AFRI
21.07.2022 Clonal Plantation of Teak Webinar IWST
22.07.2022 Bamboo Shoot Processing and Value Addition Training RFRI
24.07.2022 Nature-Based Solution to Combat Desertification & Drought Awareness Programme TFRI
26.07.2022 Bioassay Guided Probing of Plants for Therapeutic Application Webinar FRI
26.07.2022 International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem Awareness campaign IFGTB
26.07.2022 Extent and Scope for Cultivation of Melia Dubia in South India Webinar IWST
27.07.2022 World Nature Conservation Day Lecture IFB
27.07.2022 HPLC & GCMS/MS: Instrumentation, principle, function and Application Training IFGTB
27.07.2022 औषधीय पौधों द्वारा आयवर्धन विषय पर प्रशिक्षण Training IFP
29.07.2022 Visit of School Children to Botanical Garden Visit TFRI
22.07.2022 Nursery and Plantation technology of Juniperus polycarpos Training HFRI
28.07.2022 Van Mahotsav 2022 Awareness Programme AFRI
03.08.2022 Visit to Kosam Ghat for listing of Riparian Flora Visit TFRI
03.08.2022 Van Mahotasav Plantation HFRI
08.08.2022 Quit India Movement Lecture IFB
11.08.2022 Protection of Trees under Urban Development Projects Awareness programme IWST
12.08.2022 Celebration of International day of the worlds indigenous peoples Lecture IFB
14.08.2022 India@75 Conclave Conclave FRCER
15.08.2022 Har Ghar Tiranga Awareness programme IFP
03.08.2022 लाह उत्पाद – रोजगार का साधन Training IFP
01.08.2022 Agriwood Certification Overcoming a trade barrier Webinar IWST
19.08.2022 बांस का मूल्यवर्धन एवं रोजगार का साधन Training IFP
16.09.2022 International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer 2022 Awareness Programme IFGTB
18.09.2022 फलेमेंजिया सेमियालता पौधरोपण तकनीक एवं लाह कीट पालन Training IFP
29.09.2022 मधु कीट पालन द्वारा आय सृजन Training IFP
19.10.2022 Fit India Run Awareness campaign AFRI
20.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign FRI
20.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign IFB
20.10.2022 ABC of DNA Training IWST
21.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign TFRI
26.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign IFP
30.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign IFGTB
31.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run 3.0 Awareness campaign HFRI
31.10.2022 Fit India Freedom Run-3.0 Awareness campaign RFRI
01.11.2022 Exposure Visit of Students from Sivasagar Exposure Visit RFRI
03.11.2022 Biodiversity Conservation & Environment Awareness programme Awareness campaign TFRI
03.11.2022 Women Empowerment through livelihood Activities Women Empowerment TFRI
04.11.2022 Methods & Techniques employed in the natural products chemistry Exposure Visit FRI
04.11.2022 Awareness on Har Ghar Ayurveda Awareness programme RFRI
09.11.2022 Identification of Economically important medicinal plants & their use Lecture TFRI
10.11.2022 Low-cost Vermicomposting Technology Training RFRI
10.11.2022 Biodiversity Conservation & Environment Awareness programme Lecture TFRI
11.11.2022 Green building workshop Workshop IWST
11.11.2022 Best out of Waste Competition for Environmental Amelioration Training TFRI
14.11.2022 डिंगल भाषा (काव्य शैली) पर एक वार्ता Lecture AFRI
14.11.2022 AYUSH Awareness Programme IFB
15.11.2022 Low cost Vermicomposting Technology Training RFRI
18.11.2022 Electric Resistance Tomograph Webinar IWST
21.11.2022 Swachhta Program Cleanliness Campaign IFB
23.11.2022 Importance & Utilization of forest derived products for socio-economic benefits Student – Scientist Interaction FRI
24.11.2022 विद्यालय स्तर पर स्वच्छता अभियान एवं विचार विमर्श Cleanliness Campaign IFP
26.11.2022 Awareness among students on Mission LiFE Awareness Programme RFRI
28.11.2022 Assessing the availability of tree seed sources for forest and landscape restoration Workshop IFGTB
29.11.2022 Training on Munj Products Making Training FRC-ER
30.11.2022 Cleanliness Campaign Cleanliness Campaign TFRI
05.12.2022 Healthy Soils The foundation of healthy food & better environment Lecture TFRI
05.12.2022 Recognition of natural resources linked to rural livelihoods Awareness TFRI
09.12.2022 Awareness Program on LiFE Awareness TFRI
11.12.2022 International Mountain Day Lecture HFRI
12.12.2022 Demonstration of management of trees under agroforestry Training TFRI
13.12.2022 Live demonstration of NTFP processing Demonstration TFRI
16.12.2022 Celebration of Languages of India Lecture IFB
16.12.2022 Skill Development Training on Bamboo Shoot Training RFRI
18.12.2022 Agroforestry for productivity enhancement and income generation Awareness programme HFRI
22.12.2022 Vegetative Propagation Techniques Training IFGTB
25.12.2022 Swatnatrata Sangram par sangoshthi Lecture IFP
26.12.2022 Agriwood Standards for Certification of Wood in India Webinar IWST
27.12.2022 आदिवासियों के लिए वनोपज के सम्बन्ध में आफरी द्वारा किये गये कार्य Lecture AFRI
28.12.2022 Impact of climate change in the Himalayan region Awareness programme HFRI
30.12.2022 Celebration of Swachhta Program Lecture IFB