Institute of Wood Science & Technology (IWST), Bengaluru, one of the institutes of Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) was established in 1988. Earlier, the then Government of Mysore had set up a Forest Research Laboratory (FRL) at Bengaluru in 1938. In the initial years, work was carried out mainly on properties and uses of different timber species, essential oils, other non-wood forest products and protection of wood and trees from pests and diseases. In 1956, this laboratory was organized as a regional centre of Forest Research Institute and Colleges, Dehra Dun. In 1977, Sandal Research Centre was set up to undertake research on wide-ranging aspects of genetics, silviculture and management of sandal.



1.   To undertake and promote forestry research, education and extension, leading to scientific and sustainable management of forest resources.

2.   To provide scientific advice to the central and state governments  aiding  informed  decision  making  in matters  of  national  and  regional  importance  and international commitments and to address forestry research needs.

3.   To act as a repository of knowledge related to forestry, environment and climate change, especially with respect to wood science and technology.

4.   To provide technical assistance and material support to states, forest dependent communities, forest based industries, tree & NTFP growers and other stakeholders in their forestry based programmes for conservation and sustainable use of forest resources.

5.   To conduct research on all aspects of wood science and technology as a national objective, such as physical and mechanical properties of timber, timber identification, wood seasoning and protection, wood composites, bamboo processing and utilization.

6.   To carry out research on management and silviculture of species for conservation as well as higher productivity in natural and planted forests.

7.   To undertake research on sustainable utilization of forest resources for development of eco-friendly products for various applications in use of wood and bamboo.

8.   To undertake research on insect pests and disease management in forest ecosystems.

9.   To  develop,  upscale,  disseminate  and  share  of  appropriate  technologies  to  end-users  through innovative extension strategies and capacity building programmes.

10.  To impart education and training in advanced wood working.

11.  To undertake all such activities as necessary, incidental and conducive to attainment of the objectives of the Council.


Core Research Areas:

1- Wood Anatomy and Properties

2- Developing Technologies for Wood Processing and Wood Composite Materials.

3- Tree Improvement and Propagation – Agroforestry and Silviculture.

4- Forest and Wood Protection.

5- Wood Chemistry and Bio-energy.


Geographical Jurisdiction:

Karnataka and Goa


Key Achievements: (Click on link to view detail)

1-   Research

2-   Education

3-   Extension


Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects


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