1- To promote, coordinate and aid forestry education in the country for high academic standards in the universities imparting forestry education.

2- Capacity building programme for the scientists, technical, executive and ministerial staff working in the council by conducting and coordinating various domestic and foreign trainings.

3- To undertake Policy Research in arena of Forests, Wildlife and Environment and to provide inputs for policy makers.

4- Recruitment and promotion of Scientists & Technical Staff.


Activities / Programmes

A. Promoting Forestry Education:

1- Grant-in-Aid to the Universities :

Directorate of Education provides Grant-in-Aid to promote forestry education at under- graduation and post-graduation levels in the State Agricultural Universities.

2- Accreditation of the Universities/Colleges: The Directorate also undertakes accreditation of universities with an objective of establishing a mechanism for maintenance of appropriate standards of teaching, research, examination and other academic activities in these institutions and in forestry that would help prepare the students to serve in the forestry sector and to seek employment opportunities both in Government as well as in private enterprises. The list of Universities accreditated with ICFRE is given in Annexure I.

    Guidelines for Accreditation of Course Programme in Forestry (Under Graduate/Post Graduate Courses)


B. Capacity Building:

The ICFRE has adopted a five year HRD programme for capacity building of the managerial, scientific, executive and the technical cadre. The main objectives of HRD programme of ICFRE is

1-Improving the management skills of the managers & senior researchers and to keep them abreast with current thinking and trends in forestry research.

2-Enhancing the core competence of the researchers in their area of specialization through training, research workshops, seminars etc.

3-Providing in-service training in professional skills, Lab management, field investigation, administration etc., to all levels of supporting staff.

The List of training programmes organized/scheduled for the current year is given in Annexure II.

C. Policy Research:

The Directorate of Education has been mandated to conduct "Policy Research" works in the arena of forestry. So far the following four Policy Research Studies have been completed.

1- Need for institutional and regulatory mechanism for certification on planting stock material of forestry seed and vegetative origin. (Sh. Paire Lal, Sh. A.S. Dogra & Sh. S.L. Dabral )

2- Rationales for prescribing the requisite forest/tree cover in India (Dr. K.D. Singh, Academy of Forest & Environment Sciences (AFES).

3- Analyzing linkages between poverty alleviation and forest programme (Sh. R. K. Dogra, A.D.G, ICFRE)

4- Synergy in various institutions in implementation of scheduled tribes (recognition of Forest rights) Act 2006 to ensure improved livelihood support as also sustainable forest management. (Sh. Sanjay Upadhaya, Enviro Legal Defense Firm, Noida)

D. Recruitment and promotion of Scientists & Technical Staff

All the Issues related to recruitment & promotion of Scientists and Technical Staff (Category- III) working in the Council is looked after by the Directorate of Education.


New Initiatives/ Achievements

1- HRD Plan for Capacity Building of Scientific/Managerial Cadre/Research Support Staff/ Ministerial staff is being prepared for the year 2018-2023.

2- Research support system in form of JRFs/SRFs/ RAs for various projects being run in the Institutes.

3- 'Strides in Forestry Research' workshop held on 24-25 February, 2015



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