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January - December, 2013


December  2013

One Week DST training programme on "Forest Ecosystems and Biodiversity, Climate Change     updated:  17.12.2013

November  2013

FRI confers Honorary Doctorate to Prince Charles     updated: 08.11.2013

October  2013

Chairman UPSC, Delhi visited FRI, Dehra Dun on 30th October, 2013     updated: 31.10.2013

 One week training programme on Climate Change and Carbon Mitigation     updated: 30.10.2013

 RAG Meet on future research in forestry concludes at TFRI     updated: 24.10.2013

XIIIth FRI (Deemed) University Games and Sports Meet from 22nd to 25th October, 2013     updated: 23.10.2013

MoU signed between ICMR and ICFRE      updated: 17.10.2013

Two days workshop-cum-training programme at HFRI, Shimla      updated: 04.10.2013

City scientists turn plastic eco-friendly      updated: 04.10.2013

September  2013

3rd day:  Workshop on Water and forest hydrology      updated: 26.09.2013

2nd day:  Workshop on Water and forest hydrology      updated: 26.09.2013

Bamboo day celebration at IWST, Bangalore       updated: 25.09.2013

Three days International Workshop on "Water and Forests" at FRI, Dehra Dun       updated: 24.09.2013

One week Hindi Saptah closing ceremony at ICFRE, Dehra Dun       updated: 24.09.2013

PCs 'weak link' in cyber security       updated: 19.09.2013

Training Programme on "Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Livelihood in Watersheed Management"       updated: 16.09.2013

Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science   updated: 05.09.2013

IWST, Bangalore  develops ballpoint pen manufacturing technology   updated: 05.09.2013

August  2013

Celebration of Independence day at FRI, Dhera Dun   updated: 22.08.2013

July  2013

Cyber security plan to cover  strategic, military, govt. and business assets  updated: 11.07.2013

Training on cultivation of medicinal plants  at TFRI, Jabalpur  updated: 09.07.2013

Common Facility Center for Bamboo Processing and Training  at FRI, Dehra Dun  updated: 05.07.2013

Hindi Workshop at ICFRE, Dehra Dun   updated: 01.07.2013

June   2013

Five day Bamboo Handicraft Training held at TFRI   updated: 28.06.2013

Seminar held on Drought & Water Scarcity at ICFRE   updated: 19.06.2013

May  2013

Annual Meeting of ICFRE Research Policy Committee  updated: 31.05.2013

Book on 'Atlas of wood decaying fungi' released at TFRI   updated: 31.05.2013

FRI & Welspun Energy Ltd to work  for innovations in Forest Carbon finance   updated: 29.05.2013

DG, ICFRE meets Chief Minister, Uttarakhand to discusses climatic change in Uttarakhand forests   updated: 29.05.2013

Forest Research Institute celebrate International Biodiversity Day  on 22nd May, 2013   updated: 23.05.2013

Forest Types of India: Revisited   updated: 20.05.2013

ICFRE suggested including Public Appraisal in Zonal Master Plan of Mount Abu Eco-sensitive Zone   updated: 20.05.2013

Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar visited FRI & ICFRE on  10th May 2013   updated: 13.05.2013

One-day workshop on Mapping new forest area on 6th May 2013   updated: 08.05.2013

FRI Varsity holds cultural extravaganza   updated: 08.05.2013

Technologies and package of practices developed by ICFRE for Stakeholders' in Central India    updated: 07.05.2013

Delegation of Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation (MOFSC), Department of Forest, Kathmandu, Nepal visited FRI on 30th April & 1st May 2013    updated: 02.05.2013

April  2013

Release of booklet on "Forestry Research: ICFRE Supporting Rural and Tribal Livelihood" on 29th April, 2013    updated: 30.04.2013

DG, ICFRE inaugurates Sustainable Mining Summit in Goa    updated: 25.04.2013

Students of FRI (Deemed) University selected in IFS-2013    updated: 15.04.2013

ICFRE conducted interviews of Scientist 'B' and 'C' from 8-10 April, 2013    updated: 15.04.2013

FRI Centre to be established in Ladowal, Punjab    updated: 12.04.2013

FRI University holds first Board meeting    updated: 12.04.2013

Workshop on Perspectives on utilization of processed wood, held at Shore Loboratory, Visakhapatnam    updated: 04.04.2013

WII wins ICFRE Cricket Tournament   updated: 03.04.2013

FRI Introduces battery operated cart for tourists    updated: 02.04.2013

National Excellence in Forestry Award rules finalised at ICFRE   updated: 01.04.2013

March  2013

CFLE imparts training  on bamboo handicrafts  updated: 29.03.2013

Forestry research gains momentum in Tripura  updated: 29.03.2013

ICFRE hosts day long workshop on Rural Development for Livelihood on 21st  March, 2013   updated: 22.03.2013

Visit of , Advisor to the Hon'ble Minister of India at ICFRE on 20th March, 2013   updated: 21.03.2013

Inauguration of 12th Annual Games and Sports Meet of FRI University by DG, ICFRE on 15th March, 2013   updated: 16.03.2013

Meeting of National Poplar Commission of India held at FRI, Dehra Dun on 12th March, 2013   updated: 13.03.2013

DG, ICFRE holds meeting with the Government Officials associated with mining and environment of Western Australia at Perth    updated: 12.03.2013

DG, ICFRE holds meeting with Rio Tinto, Kings Park in Australia    updated: 09.03.2013

DG, ICFRE leads delegation to obtain Australian Expertise  on 4th March, 2013   updated: 06.03.2013

Remark by Senior Advisor, Government of India, Planning Commission on Paper 'Valuation of Ecosystem Goods Services from Forests in India'  written by Dr. V.K. Bahuguna published in the January, 2013 issue of the Indian Forester   updated: 04.03.2013

Induction Training of Scientists & Research Officers inaugurated at FRI on 01st march, 2013    updated: 02.03.2013

 DG, ICFRE released the "Summary of Proceedings of Indian Forestry Congress (IFC) on 01st March, 2013    updated: 02.03.2013

February  2013

DG, ICFRE released the "Annual Report 2011-12" and "Semi-Annual Report June 2012-Dec.2012" on 27th Feb., 2013  updated: 28.02.2013

DG, ICFRE felicitated ICFRE players who won medals in 20th All India Forest Sports Meet-2013  updated: 28.02.2013

Tree Growers Mela-2013 at IFGTB, Coimbatore  updated: 22.02.2013

Training on Modern Techniques in Plant Biotechnology organized by G&TP Division, FRI, Dehradun  updated: 21.02.2013

Five days training on 'Silviculture and Management Practices of Agroforestry Species' for front line staff of Punjab Forest Department  updated: 20.02.2013

DG, ICFRE address the Judges of District Court and High Court of 17 states at Orissa Judicial Academy  updated: 20.02.2013

Book by ICFRE on nature published in Times of India  updated: 10.02.2013

Data centre at ICFRE  updated: 07.02.2013

Workshop on Natural Resource Capital and sustainable development at FRI on 5th Feb., 2013  updated: 06.02.2013

ICFRE finds anxiolytic, antidepressant potential of Aegle marmelos fruit  updated: 04.02.2013

January  2013

The UNFCCC team visited Dehradun for surveillance audit of ICFRE-DOE  updated: 31.01.2013

Warm clothes distributed among the needy school children in New Forest Primary School  updated: 30.01.2013

ICFRE launches Rs. 5 crore scheme for tribals  updated: 28.01.2013

ICFRE amend rules for National Awards of Excellence in Forestry  updated: 28.01.2013

ICFRE develops Biopesticide Formulation  updated: 28.01.2013

ICFRE - In The Service of Nation, Times of India on 26th January, 2013  updated: 26.01.2013

DG, ICFRE Released Forestry Statistics India-2011 on 22nd January, 2013  updated: 23.01.2013

Australian Senator Eric Abetz Visited FRI on 19th January, 2013   updated: 23.01.2013

ICFRE  evaluates contribution of forests to GDP  updated: 18.01.2013

ICFRE to provide latest technologies on aforestation, use of Lantana weed and wood science to Punjab   updated: 17.01.2013

ICFRE, BTSG & FRI organise training programme for Farmers and Artisans on Bamboo Handicraft, 15-19 January, 2013  updated: 16.01.2013

ICFRE Welfare Society & Prerna self help group organized one day free health camp at New Forest Hospital, FRI ON 8th January, 2013  updated: 09.01.2013

Interview of DG, ICFRE with  Anjali Nauriyal, The Times of Doon  updated: 07.01.2013

ICFRE Felicitates to Padamshree Dr. Anil Joshi, Chairman HESCO on 01st January, 2013    updated: 02.01.2013

Development of new disease resistant productive clone of Shisham by FRI, Dehra dun    updated: 02.01.2013

ICFRE, FRI Officers, Staf pay tribute to Nation's brave heart daughter    updated: 02.01.2013

Country's conscience must atone    updated: 01.01.2013