1- Forest Fires in India       updated:26July19

2- Cover page of Butterfly Atlas of Arunachal Pradesh, India     updated:15Sept16

3- Poplar: Smridhi ka vraksh    updated:05Aug16

4- Statistics in forestry : Methods and applications    updated:09Nov15

5- Forests and Water: Traditional Forest Hydrology and Beyond:

Cover page


i- Theme 1:  Forest Hydrology

ii- Theme 2:  Forest Hydrology and Climate Change

iii- Theme 3:  Forestry and Soil  & Water Conservation

iv- Theme 4:  Water Quality

v- Theme 5:  Case studies   updated:15July15

6- Forest Biodiversity in India    04June14

7- Forestry in the Service of Nation 

8- Download Book Forest Sector Report India 2010:  (English)     (Hindi)

9- A Book of  "Guidebook on Afforestation and Reforestation CDM Projects in India"

10- A Book of  "Forestry Statistics India 2011"